Following Mini-Modules are available:

Transimpedance Amplifiers Fixed Gain

Mini Module
ModelGainBandwidthPriceData Sheet
A12011e7 V/ADC-500 kHz540,- €pdf
A12021e8 V/ADC-50 kHz540,- €pdf
A12031e9 V/ADC-5 kHz540,- €pdf
A12041e10 V/ADC-400 Hz670,- €pdf
A12051e11 V/ADC-40 Hz670,- €pdf

Transimpedance Amplifier Variable Gain

ModelGainBandwidthPriceData Sheet
A12211e7 V/ADC-200 kHzN/Apdf
1e8 V/ADC-20 kHz
1e9 V/ADC-2 kHz
Gain is electronically switchable in three Steps.

Charge Amplifiers

ModelGainBandwidthPriceData Sheet
A15031e11 V/C200 Hz - 20 MHz830,- €pdf
A15041e13 V/C500 Hz - 15 MHz1.020,- €pdf

Photoreceiver with Silicon-Photodiode

ModelGainBandwidthMin. NEPPriceData Sheet
A1301-SI1e7 V/ADC-500 kHz100 fW/√Hz580,- €pdf
A1302-SI1e8 V/ADC-50 kHz40 fW/√Hz580,- €pdf
A1303-SI1e9 V/ADC-5 kHz12 fW/√Hz580,- €pdf
A1304-SI1e10 V/ADC-400 Hz4 fW/√Hz710,- €pdf
A1305-SI1e11 V/ADC-40 Hz1.5 fW/√Hz710,- €pdf
Spectral Range 320 bis 1100 nm, Min. NEP @ 900 nm, Active Area 1.1 mm2.

Photoreceiver with InGaAs-Photodiode

ModelGainBandwidthMin. NEPPriceData Sheet
A1301-IN1e7 V/ADC-500 kHz70 fW/√Hz620,- €pdf
A1302-IN1e8 V/ADC-50 kHz25 fW/√Hz620,- €pdf
A1303-IN1e9 V/ADC-5 kHz11 fW/√Hz620,- €pdf
A1304-IN1e10 V/ADC-400 Hz9 fW/√Hz750,- €pdf
A1305-IN1e11 V/ADC-40 Hz8 fW/√Hz750,- €pdf
Spectral Range 900 bis 1700 nm, Min. NEP @ 1550 nm, Active Area Ø 500 µm.

Customer specific designs with different gain and bandwidth are possible.

Prices are in Euro exclusive of VAT.
They do not include shipping and export handling costs or taxes.