Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how we handle information about you, which may arise using this website. Your use of this web pages is anonymous, we don't ask you for any personal information.

Saving of IP Addresses

Our web provider 1& Internet AG saves data which may be used to identify (IP Address, Date, Time and visited pages). We don't use such data to identify or track you. IP Addresses are saved by our provider for the purpose of providing the functionality of this website only. We collect anonymized Data for the sole purpose of preparing a statistics of visiting frequency of these pages.

Cookies and Scripts

This site doen't use any cookies or java script. It consists of plain HTML 4.01 with CSS Stylesheets, so there isn't generated any individualized data in your browser.

Personal Data and Third Parties

Physimetron never gives any personal data to third parties.

This Privacy Policy is as at May 2018.