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Physimetron is a specialist on development and production of compact low-noise preamplifiers. Applications are in science and industry.

Focus is on modular transimpedance- and charge-amplifiers. Custom-specific solutions are also developed.

Featured Product:

A759-005 - Integrating 4-Channel Charge Amplifier

Integrating 4-Channel Charge Amplifier

Special Feature: 16-bit AD-Converter synchronously sampling all 4 channels, output via serial RS-422 interface.

Our Products:


There are two lines of amplifiers: Cased amplifiers and mini-modules (PCB).

The cased amplifiers are well suited for standard laboratory use. BNC input and output provide convenient connection. A matching power supply is available as accessory.

The mini-module version is very compact using little space. It can be used near to the detector, even in complex instruments with little space left. Due to this input cable length can be reduced to a minimum, thus reducing external interference and noise generated by cable capacitance.

The mini-modules are also good OEM-components, requiring little extra space in customers application. An attractive discount on volume orders of these modules favours this.

If you have any questions regarding our products feel free to contact us. We are pleased to discuss your application with you.