Charge Amplifiers in a compact Aluminium Case

Charge Amplifier

Charge Amplifiers Fixed Gain

ModelGainBandwidthPriceData Sheet
A65031e11 V/C200 Hz-20 MHz990,- €pdf
A65041e13 V/C500 Hz-15 MHz1.200,- €pdf

Integrating 4-Channel Charge Amplifier

Integrating 4-Channel Charge Amplifier with 16-bit ADC

The A759-005 combines high dynamic range with 16-bit resolution, measuring input currents of 10 nA to 10 pA Full Scale.
Maximum sampling rate is 1 kHz. Output via serial RS-422 interface with 1 MBaud data rate.

ModellGainGate TimePriceData Sheet
A759-0051e12 V/C1 ms - 1 son requestpdf

Static Charge Amplifier

Static Charge Amplifier Variable Gain

The A7530 provides variable gain swichtable over 7 decades. It has a very low input bias current of < 100 fA.
Input pulse currents of up to 500 mA peak can be integrated without loss of linearity.

ModellGainBandwidthPriceData Sheet
A75301e4 bis 1e10 V/CDC-10 kHz1.550,- €pdf

Customer specific designs with different gain and bandwidth are possible.

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