Custom-Designed Solutions

Modifications on existing products are possible for an additional charge. Gain and bandwidth can be adapted to specific needs.

If required, development of custom-built amplifiers is offered, whether its an adapted mechanical design or a completely new electronics.

We will find an optimal solution for your measurement task in close collaboration with you.


Charge Amplifier A159-002

A159-002 - a charge amplifier for a non-contact atomic force microscope.

Photoreceiver A149-001

A149-001 - a fiber-optical photoreceiver with switchable gain.

Charge Amplifier A759-001

A759-001 - a charge amplifier with 4 channels and synchronous analog-to-digital conversion.

A759-006 - a charge amplifier with 2 channels and 14-bit ADC, gain is switchable in 8 steps over 4 decades.

Photoreceiver A139-008

A139-008 - a very compact photoreceiver with switchable gain.

A119-003 - a fast high voltage pulser with up to 4 A peak current in 100 ns.

A629-002 - a current amplifier matched to a cooled photovoltaic InSb infrared detector.