Current Amplifiers in a compact Aluminium Case

Transimpedance Amplifiers Fixed Gain

Current Amplifier
ModelGainBandwidthPriceData Sheet
A62011e7 V/ADC-500 kHz1.140,- €pdf
A62021e8 V/ADC-50 kHz1.140,- €pdf
A62031e9 V/ADC-5 kHz1.140,- €pdf
A62041e10 V/ADC-400 Hz1.410,- €pdf
A62051e11 V/ADC-40 Hz1.410,- €pdf
A62061e12 V/ADC-3 Hz1.530,- €pdf

Customer specific designs with different gain and bandwidth are possible.

Prices are in Euro exclusive of VAT.
They do not include shipping and export handling costs or taxes.

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